Wedding Licenses

Don’t Forget THIS!

It’s getting BUSY around here on the OBX now that we’re in May! I don’t think I can count the number of weddings happening now that we’re in full wedding season swing!

I know preparing for your wedding can be mind-blowing and nerve-wracking. Do you best to enjoy this time of your life! You are getting ready to do (or in the middle of it!) so much work to make your big day come true.

There are lots of decisions to make! What photographer do you want to shoot your wedding? Which restaurant or caterer will you go with to provide that reception you’ve always wanted? Which coordinator will you choose? Which venue will you decide upon? All of these, and much more, will make up the day you’ve been dreaming about . . . but there’s one thing you don’t wanna forget!

YOUR MARRIAGE LICENSE! Without it, your marriage will not be legal or recognized by the government. Make sure you put this at the top of your TO DO list as you prepare.

Here are a few helpful tips to consider:

  1. You can only get your license within 60 days of your wedding ceremony!
  2. If you are getting married in North Carolina, you have to get a license from North Carolina, even if you live in another state!
  3. You can get your license at any county in NC, not just in Dare or Currituck Counties.
  4. If you are getting a friend or relative to perform the ceremony, make sure they know proper procedures for filling out and mailing in your license!
  5. You will get two forms from the Register of Deeds office. Both must be send back within 10 days of your wedding!
  6. Many brides who change their names will want a certified copy of their license. That will cost you $10 and you can obtain it from the Register of Deeds office.
  7. Once I mail off your license, I will not have access to it again.
  8. Go to Dare County’s Register of Deeds website for more info: