Pre-Marital Counseling

Investing in Your Wedding Day . . . and Beyond!


Your wedding day will be one of the most special days of your life. So much time will be spent on making sure your big day happens in grand fashion. But many couples don’t take the time to stop and think about what happens after the honeymoon is over! You step back into a brand new world . . .as husband and wife. I’m not saying don’t spend money and effort on making your wedding day live up to your dreams. I’m encouraging you to spend as much effort making sure the rest of your lives is in good shape. As they say, for better or for worse!


I highly recommend pre-marital counseling to all of my brides and grooms. I’m not suggesting that you have problems! But the more you’re prepared for what is coming down the road (issues related to family backgrounds, history, expectations, communication, etc.), the better off you and your spouse will be. And believe me, things will pop up at some time, sooner or later.


Now, I may be an ordained minister, but I am not a professional, trained counselor. I can share many stories from my own 26+ years of marriage on what not to do, and over the last 30 years of ministry I’ve worked with so many people, some doing?marriage the right way and some the wrong way. For pre-marital counseling, I have a network of churches, agencies, and ministers that I can recommend to my couples. I simply provide contacts and leave it up to you to hopefully take the next steps of obtaining pre-marital (and sometimes post-marital) counseling.


I also provide you a copy of the book, 12 Questions to Ask Before You Marry, by Clayton and Charie King. It’s an excellent, practical book that asks¬† you guessed it¬† 12 questions related to different areas of your life to help you better understand your soon-to-be spouse and help handle what can lead to problems. (Click HERE to see an interview with Clayton and Charie about their book and its material.) Each chapter ends with a list of questions for you to discuss in helping the material come alive in your own situations.? An important book to help you in this most important step of your lives. It’s my gift to you to encourage you for this most important road ahead of you marriage.